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Not Your Mama's Basic

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  1. 54% Chocolate Bar

    54% Chocolate Bar

    Our semi sweet chocolate bar is made with the finest cocoa blend that brings you a smooth flavour with subtle vanilla note.
  2. Orange Bar

    Orange Bar

    Nothing is better than this classic combination: chocolate & candied orange! Our favorite one!
  3. 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

    70% Dark Chocolate Bar


    An extra-bitter dark chocolate with a great boost of roasted cocoa make this bar deliciously exquisite.

    Fairtrade Chocolate


  4. Hazelnut Bar

    Hazelnut Bar

    Our Signature chocolate blend with fresh hazelnuts.
  5. Signature Bar

    Signature Bar

    The Signature Bar is our combination of milk and dark chocolate.
  6. Caramelized Crisp Bar

    Caramelized Crisp Bar

    Signature Blend Chocolate & Caramelized Puffed Rice
  7. 29% White Chocolate Bar

    29% White Chocolate Bar

    29% White Chocolate Bar

7 Item(s)

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