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Our Story


Hello, we’re the DAM Good Chocolate Company!

Formerly known as La Chocolaterie, we’ve been handcrafting chocolate creations here in the United States since 2017.

Everything we produce is handmade in small batches, using high-quality raw ingredients and only the finest Belgian chocolate. Shop with us and you’ll find the perfect corporate solution, the perfect gift, or the perfect treat for yourself! One taste and we think you’ll agree—our chocolate is DAM Good!

At its heart, the DAM Good Chocolate Company is a family business. Women owned and operated by Valeria Mattos and her daughter Bianca Mattos, we’re passionate about working together as a family to create incredible chocolate experiences for our customers. The proof is in our name: DAM stands for Daughters and Mother!

We’re a proud member of Visit Orlando, the Advertising Specialty Institute, and the Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association.

Let us help you celebrate and perfectly capture the moment with wonderfully delicious personalized chocolate.


Valeria Mattos,

Mother and Chef Chocolatier

Chef Valeria has over 10 years of chocolate making experience, from founding and running a successful chocolate company in her home country of Brazil. Inspired by her family, Valeria brought together her creativity and her passion for food to begin making handcrafted bonbons to sell in local bakeries. Over the course of ten years, Valeria and her family grew their company into an incredibly successful business, selling personalized chocolates to both consumers and national corporate clients.

Now Valeria brings her expertise and creativity to the United States, where she develops new chocolate innovations and interesting flavor combinations in our Orlando, FL facility. What she loves most about what she does? Bringing delight to both chocolate lovers and corporate clients. What’s more, she’s DAM Good at it!

Her exquisite attention to detail can be seen in every delicious creation that comes from her kitchen. Just turn over one of her chocolates and take a look: the bottom is always just as beautiful as the top.

Valeria’s love for her family is what drives her every day. She’s incredibly proud to run the DAM Good Chocolate Company with her daughter Bianca, and with the support of her other daughters Giovanna and Giuliana, and husband Luiz.

Bianca Mattos,

Daughter and CEO

Bianca has been the business brains behind her mom’s chocolate company from a young age. In Brazil, she began managing operations for their successful business at the age of 22. Alongside helping her mother grow her company, she studied law, became an attorney and an advocate for her business and her clients.

Bianca loves to show customers and corporate clients how they can bring joy with our DAM Good chocolate. She’s passionate about understanding the client’s specific needs, and then helping them find the sweetest solutions.

The best part of her job? Working with her family, and acting as chief taster for all of her mom’s new chocolate ideas!

In her free time, she loves discovering new local restaurants, enjoying the company of her closest friends and spending time with her son and husband.

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