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Why chocolate makes the perfect promotional product

Why chocolate makes the perfect promotional product

Why chocolate makes the perfect promotional product

Promotional products can be your company’s best friend. As a valuable tool in your marketing strategy, they have the power to keep your business fresh in people’s minds, improve brand awareness and increase customer retention.

Choosing the right promotional products can be hard. They need to be exciting, memorable and thoughtful. Everyone loves to receive a freebie, but how do you choose something that shows you’re worth remembering – and worth doing business with in the future?

Let’s explore why chocolate can be the perfect promotional product for every business occasion.


It’s unexpected
Despite being a great marketing tool, promotional products can have the perception of being boring.

Why? More often than not, businesses choose to play it safe by giving out the same types of promotional items as their competitors. And while pens, sticky notes and telephone pads are definitely useful, they can all too easily get forgotten in the back of a desk drawer.

Your business isn’t dull – so your promotional items shouldn’t be either! When you use high-quality chocolate as a promotional gift, you’re creating a memorable, unexpected experience for those who receive it.

Chocolate is perfect for creating ‘wow’ moments for clients and prospects – and it’s ideal for more than just trade shows and goodie bags! Think about handing out a branded chocolate bar along with your business card when you make introductions – our bet is the recipient won’t forget you in a hurry!


It’s special
There’s something truly special about receiving and enjoying an edible gift. A customized chocolate bar is something to be unwrapped with joy and savored until the very last bite.

Chocolate can help you share your message the right way. With a customized chocolate label you have more options than you would on, say, a promotional pen. You can keep it simple with your logo and business name, or you could include a call to action that acts as a reminder long after the recipient has left your event or meeting.

Great call to action examples include ‘Visit our website at…” or “Come see our sales office at…” With a fully customizable label on your promotional chocolate, the possibilities are almost endless!


It’s delicious
Not many people can resist the allure of a good piece of chocolate! A bowl of enticing chocolates perfectly wrapped with your branding will draw people to you, no matter the occasion. Just don’t be surprised if they take extras to pass on, helping to spread your brand exposure even further!

If you decide to choose chocolate as your next promotional product, make sure you invest in quality. When you give away such a thoughtful, high-quality freebie, you’ll automatically create the perception that your entire business is high quality, too.


How we can help
At the DAM Good Chocolate Company, we have over 10 years of experience creating delicious promotional items for our corporate customers.

Everything we produce is handcrafted in small batches, using high-quality raw ingredients and only the finest Belgian chocolate.

You choose the bar size and the quantity, and we’ll take care of the rest! Don’t have your own artwork? Our design team will work with you to create the perfect custom label for your event. We have a quick turnaround time and can offer smaller minimum orders than you’ll find elsewhere.

Why choose the DAM Good Chocolate Company?
Women owned and operated by Valeria Mattos and her daughter Bianca Mattos, we’re passionate about working together as a family to create incredible chocolate experiences for our customers.

We love to help corporate clients bring joy with our DAM Good chocolate! We’re passionate about understanding your specific needs, and then helping you find the sweetest solution.

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