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How you can improve your customer experience—with chocolate!

How you can improve your customer experience—with chocolate!

How you can improve your customer experience—with chocolate!

You already provide a great service for your customers and clients. So what can you do to give them an unforgettable added touch?

Chocolate could be the answer you’re looking for! A delicious chocolate perfectly personalized with your brand will create a wonderfully sweet surprise for both new and returning customers. It not only shows that you care about going the extra mile for them, but also that you’re happy to go above and beyond in exciting and unexpected ways.


Why put your brand on chocolate?

Any business can give out store-bought candy. How you can really set yourself apart is by giving a carefully customized, high-quality chocolate treat. It’ll not only encourage a strong, positive emotional connection to your business, but it’s delicious too!

Branded chocolate is a small investment to make in return for a big boost in the perception of your company. When you create that moment of surprise and delight, your customers won’t be able to help themselves returning for more!

So how can chocolate help you create an experience that people can’t wait to tell their friends about? Let’s explore how businesses in all industries can improve their customer experience, with a little help from chocolate.


Corporate Chocolate Bars



How can you make your store stand out? During special events, you could offer a personalized chocolate bar as an incentive to get people to sign up to your mailing list, or simply hand them out to shoppers as they enter your store.

For an extra surprise, try popping a branded chocolate in the bag with their purchase. You could even include a coupon code on the label to encourage customers to visit your online store.



Give your visitors a delicious welcome with personalized chocolate! A bowl of sweet treats in your lobby area or on your reception desk will make a great first impression.

If you offer coffee to clients while they wait, why not add a branded chocolate to their saucer for a sweet extra touch? If you have a self-serve coffee machine instead, make sure there’s a bowl of branded chocolates nearby.


Hair and beauty salons

Pamper your patrons with a personalized chocolate bar in the waiting area, or present one alongside a cup of freshly brewed coffee while they’re receiving their service.

The message you share on your chocolate is up to you. If you’re in need of more online reviews, why not give a bar along with the receipt when customers check out, sweetly asking them to review you online?



Hotels are great at those finishing touches! They’re well known for giving away branded freebies, so how about one your competitors haven’t thought of yet?

Think about providing a bowl of personalized chocolate at the check-in area, by the concierge desk and near the elevators. You could even place them in every room as an unforgettably delicious pillow treat.


Medical centers

Build a lasting bond with your patients by going above and beyond. Personalized chocolates are a sweet way to show you care! Provide them at your reception desk, in your waiting room and at the check-out desk.

Looking to boost your website visits or increase your online following? Encourage people to visit you online or to follow you on social media by including your website and social media handles on your custom chocolate label.


Car dealerships

Empower your sales team to give a branded chocolate bar along with their business card to customers who are browsing.

The chances are that people who are car shopping will visit many different places before making a purchase—so it’s a great way to help your dealership stand out!



Start relationships sweetly by giving personalized chocolate along with your business card at your first appointment with new clients.

Bonus points: how about an extra special gift of branded bonbons when they open a business account or take out a mortgage with you?


Customer Experience


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